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Summer is here!!

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Bushes Bunches begins planting their seeds in late March or early April every year. All seeds are started in heated greenhouses. One greenhouse heated by natural gas and another by woodstove. The mega doses of sunlight which Alaska enjoys, is a critical component of seed growing success. Our plant nurseries are active all summer, but the big push is in early spring. Our farmland is turned over and tilled each spring after threat of snow is hopefully gone (in 2013 we had nine inches of snow on May 18, ugh!). Alaskans should not plant into outdoor fields until after Memorial Day, May 31, due to possibility of late frost...

Once the plants are transferred to the fields, it is Mother Nature’s job to take over most of the work. We do have irrigation, but nature provides the plants with tons of sun. Sometimes 15, 16 or up to 18 hours sunlight per day. Our growing season is short, but our days of sunlight are loooonnnngggg.....

Our farm stand typically opens the last week of June and remains open typically, until the end of October. Sometimes later into November if natures holds back on freezing weather.

Due to the fact that Alaska is so far separated from the Lower 48 states, and we are a northern climate, we do not have anywhere near the pest problems that farms have in the contiguous states.
Pesticide use is at a bare minimum in Alaska. Alaska has no potato bugs which is another huge advantage.

Bushes Bunches caters to wholesalers (grocery stores, high end restaurants) and to the general public through the farm stand and farmers markets. We also have a small market for edible flowers.